Frequently-Asked Wedding Video Questions
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Frequently-Asked Questions

Here you will find a useful selection of answers to questions that we are regularly asked.

Can I pick my own music for my DVD ?

Yes. You can either email me a list of songs that you would like or give me a CD. 12/13 songs or so is usually plenty.

Do you put music over the whole DVD ?

We usually put the music over particular sections, such as the arrival of the guests and bridal party, the photo sessions, or the highlights at the end of the DVD.

We do not put music over the church ceremony, speeches, or evening reception.

Do all of the songs have to be slow ?

No. Upbeat songs work well also, although dance tracks should be avoided.

Do you travel ?

Yes. Most of the work that we do is in the following counties : Louth, Meath, Kildare, Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow and the North, but we can travel to other counties.

Why should we have our wedding professionally filmed ?

While we regularly hear that Uncle Tommy offered to do our video, we ask you to bear in mind that you only get one chance to capture everything on one of the most important days of your life; there are no second takes.

Just because someone has a camera doesn't mean they know how to use it, and an experienced wedding videographer knows exactly how to video your wedding in a creative and professional manner.

What will your wedding DVD be like after Uncle Tommy has a few drinks ? Do they video weddings for a living, and are they used to working in a wedding atmosphere and with photographers ?

Would he carry backup equipment like a second camera so that you are covered if there's a technical or battery failure ?

Also, recording the events of your wedding day is only half the story; editing the footage professionally is an important part of the wedding DVD.

What will be the running time of the wedding DVD ?

The running time of your DVD depends on a few things; the length of the ceremony, the length of time you spend getting your photos taken, and the duration of the speeches.

Most DVDs usually run between 2 hours / 2½ hours. If you decide to book until the end of the band, we provide a second DVD with the evening's entertainment on that.

Do you film during the meal ?

No. We never film during the meal, as this is a time for people to relax and enjoy their meal. Filming at this time would make your guests feel uncomfortable.

Do you come to the bride's house ? What does this cost ?

We can go to the house beforehand if it is within 10 minutes from the location of the ceremony, as we like to get to the church before any guests arrive to set up.

There is no extra charge for going to the house.

Can you hold a date for us while we decide ?

Sorry. We can only hold a date once we get a deposit and booking from from you.

How much is a deposit ?

A deposit is €150.

When do we pay the balance ?

The balance is payable on or before your wedding day. You can pay by cheque, postal order, bank draft or cash.